Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mish mash...

~1~ The new garden is going fairly well. I'm not sure what's going on with the strawberries (they're almost goners), but everything else seems to be thriving!

I have several tomatoes that should be ready in a couple of weeks! They looks so yummy already, now if they'd just hurry up and start ripening.....

No sign of any peppers yet, just one little bloom on a jalapeno plant.

And since all I did with the lettuce was take the 2 packets and shake them out over the side of the garden where I wanted them (no rows...) I have lettuce sprouts coming up all over that area. Thankfully, none of the seeds strayed to other parts of the garden before I got a thin layer of soil over the seeds when I was planting!

~2~ Eli has had a fever of 103+ since yesterday morning and I have no idea why, he has NO other symptoms.... Ibuprofen doesn't really seem to be helping much. He's such a trooper though, other than being nearly lethargic because of the high temp. and not eating more than about 5 bites today, he's trying really hard to be normal.

We had a play date scheduled for this morning at a playground and he would go play for a little while and then come back and lay down in the stroller for a few minutes and have a drink and then go off and play some more and repeat it again. However, his 'play' was very muted and more of just meandering around on the equipment, never really sliding down the slides or anything, just kind of walking around. Then he took a 3 hour nap!

The rest of the day consisted of a short trip to the mall (him in the stroller most of the time), a trip to Target (Eli lying in the basket part of the cart with his blanket) and lots of lying on the couch.

~3~ Why the Target outing with a sick kid, you ask? Jacob had earned a new 'toy' for learning all 50 states. He has learned where all 50 states are on a map and can name them on request (we ask "where's _________" and he points to it)!!! He's not even 4.5 yet and I'm very proud of him! We chose to let him get a digital camera. Not a fancy-shmancy one, just a generic $19.99 one with no screen, zoom, etc. It has 3 settings for image quality and a couple other settings and only 2 buttons! It's small, has changeable face plates and an arm strap. Michael got it set up for him and taught him how to use it tonight!! He had fun with it and about half of the photos he took the first go-round had his finger in them! So, he's learning how to concentrate and not get his finger in the photos.
~4~ Since Eli hasn't been well, I didn't get to go to the Farmer's Market yesterday evening :-( And Jacob didn't get to go to t-ball practice because Michael was at school, so Jacob was bummed about not going, but he has a game on Saturday that he's looking forward to.
~5~ I finally chose the fabric I'm going to use in Rachael's room for parts of her bedding and accessories. The rest of the bedding will be sewn from coordinating colors of the pattern fabric I chose. You'll just have to wait to see some of the finished products though......

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