Monday, June 9, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - 6/9/08

Our weekend menus for this dinner past weekend didn't go as planned. We decided to forego not eating out at all and went to Taco Bell one evening and ordered items off the 'cheap' menu and the four of us ate for just over $9.00!! We actually could have done it for less if we hadn't gotten one drink to share between all of us. We could have just gotten water instead, but when we go out we like to treat ourselves and we had sugary-sweet fruit punch! I think this week we'll probably do that again once and I'll order water and see just how little I can spend to feed us all!
For the upcoming weeks, I am trying something new - meat as an additive, not the main attraction. With the rising price of groceries (and just about everything else), meat is no exception and we're going to be having tons more veggies/beans and rice and using meat more as a filler than a whole dish.
Here are our plans for this week:
*Monday - Chicken enchiladas using left over chicken I shredded from a whole chicken I cooked a couple weeks ago- making a large batch to have for leftovers
* Tuesday - Michael has class and won't come home until after 10, so the kids and I will either eat something easy or I'll make some quick sloppy joes
* Wednesday - Left over enchiladas or we might do the Taco Bell thing, it's up to Michael - we have an ultrasound at 4:10 and I won't be able to cook and we like to eat fairly early - between 5 and 5:30.
* Thursday - Baked lemon pepper tilapia with steamed veggies and rice
* Friday - We're going to Denver for the day so I'll pack lunches for everyone (probably sandwiches, yogurt, fruit and carrot sticks) and then we'll do dinner out - probably Taco Bell again.
* Saturday - Red beans and rice over a salad - frozen from 2 weeks ago because the recipe I used made a HUGE batch.
* Sunday - Stir fry veggies over brown rice with a soy sauce gravy.
Be sure to check out Laura's site for more wonderful weekly menu plans.
Also, totally unrelated, but check back tomorrow for a post about a distrubing new bill recently passed and enacted in Colorado that has us seriously considering moving to another state - provided the military will allow it. The basic jist is that anyone (regardless of gender, sexual orientation, etc.) now has the right to use ANY restroom they chose or ANY locker room they choose - even those of the opposite gender. There's a bit more to it, but that's the basic idea and I now fear from my childrens' (and my own) safety in public restrooms and the locker room at the gym....


Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home said...

Laura, I hear you about the meat and grocery prices! I'm working hard to cut back on my costs, too. I'm also trying to incorporate one cheaper meal (ie. rice and beans or something similar) each week.

That is really crazy about that law that has been passed! I am very interested to hear more about it! I can completely understand your concern and even fear regarding the issue. I would also have a hard time feeling safe using a public restroom.

Anna said...

I found your blog through MPM, and I live in Colorado, too.
The new law is worrisome, because all it takes is a liberal judge to make a mess of things. However, the bill was only modifying a current law already on the books.