Sunday, June 29, 2008

I got the fabric for Rachael's room!!

I was sooo excited when I checked my mail on Friday and found this:

Isn't is just so lovely?

It's 5 yards of Michael Miller, Spa Far Out Floral fabric. The background is chocolate (in case you can't tell in the photo).

My to do list for the completion of Rachael's room is as follows:

* Put up curtain rod
* Sew crib skirt (will be the above fabric)
* Sew bumper pad (will be coordinating teal/aqua from print above)
* Sew curtains (will be chocolate, with coordinating purple valance and will use the print for the tabs and tie-backs)
* Cover the lamp shade (I have several scraps of coordinating colors and will use whichever one is big enough)
* Make some wall art (using this very cool idea)
* Get baby announcements as ready as possible - put together with name info, etc. - so that all I have to do after she's born is fill in the date, time, weight, length, etc.
* Make a wall hanging with her first and middle names and meanings, biblical references, etc.
* Get box of clothes from friend and wash and put away

I know this sounds like a lot of stuff to do and I hope you don't think that this is the only child I've done this much for. The boys both had hand sewn crib bedding, wall hangings, curtains and baby announcements made before arrival as well. I love doing this for my children. Plus, if I were to go out and buy ready made bedding and curtains, it would definitely cost me double what the fabric (and batting for the bumper) cost me. I also enjoy knowing that it was done so much out of love for each individual child.

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Shelly G & Hope P said...

I really like the fabric you chose... very cheerful... and will grow well with the baby as she grows:)