Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

That's how I would describe my life right now.

Here's what we have going until the end of July:

~ Tumbling class for Eli at the YMCA (Tuesday mornings)
~ Swim lessons for Jacob start on Monday at the YMCA (M & W afternoons)
~ T-ball practice for Jacob, again at the Y (Tuesday evenings)
~ Michael goes to school (Tuesday evenings from 6-10)
~ Softball for Michael (Thursday evenings)
~ T-ball games for Jacob (Saturday mornings)
~ Jacob will be going to summer camp thru his preschool 1/2 days (July 7-18)
~ On July 16, Michael's new class starts (changes to Wednesdays)

That's just for the next 4 weeks (except for Michael's school classes), otherwise I might run myself into the ground and be too tired by the time Rachael gets here!

Oh wait, I forgot to mention:

~ I'm currently putting in 10-15 hours per week for my job (the one that pays $$$). I telecommute and work for the law firm I was with in Oklahoma before we moved here. The 10-15 hours per week is likely to continue for a while since they've recently lost 2 employees.
~ There's also the homemaking bit and actually spending time and playing with my kids!
~ And the homeschooling, we try to fit in a couple of hours a day.
~ We also try to squeeze in some play dates with friends.

Whew! Where am I pulling all this time from? I don't feel over extended yet, so maybe that's a good sign. We'll make it thru the next month and then things will calm down, at least for about 6 weeks.... then we'll have a baby.

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