Sunday, June 1, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - 6/2/08

I neglected to post my menu plan again last week. The holiday (and the garden) threw me out of whack. I made my menu plan for last week 2 weeks ago, and boy was I glad I did!

This week's menu will be a little different than normal. Michael starts classes (he only has about a year to finish his BA) on Tuesday nights from 6-10pm so I won't be making a big dinner on Tuesday's for the next 6 weeks (I think his next session is on a different night so it will change in 7 weeks).

* Monday - Spaghetti (using spelt or brown rice pasta) and salad
* Tuesday - something simple for the kids and I
* Wednesday - Chicken parmesean (using brown rice pasta and spelt bread crumbs for breading the chicken)
* Thursday - Chicken nachos
* Friday - big salad with grilled chicken breasts
* Saturday - Sloppy joes
* Sunday - Red beans and rice (frozen from a HUGE batch a couple of weeks ago)
Remember to go visit Laura's site for more wonderful weekly meal plas.

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