Sunday, April 6, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - 4/7/08

I'm succeeding so far! I know, it's only week 2 that I've been doing Menu Plan Monday but I'm really enjoying menu planning. Plus, as I mentioned in last week's menu, it really helps the budget.

I've recently taken the time to make a list of all of my master meals (basically any meals that I prepare all the time and the family enjoys). I've categorized them by what type of entree they are (chicken, beef, no meat, bean based, etc.). This has helped me tremendously in not having to think of what meals I have to choose from when I'm planning my menu for the week. I have it all right there in front of me. I also made a list of all sides that go over well in our family. It's really nice to have it all right there in front of me in a notebook (and my recipe box to use when actually cooking) and I can basically just pick and choose my entree and sides. I try to alternate the type of protein we have - so we don't have chicken 4 days in a row. My new goal is one new recipe per week (to gain some variety). I'm finding I like my new system very much!!

As for last week's menu, I did make everything on my menu! And we even had one new recipe the lemon chicken with dried figs. I really enjoyed it, but Michael said he didn't really care for the sweet figs with the onions, cilantro, garlic and lemon juice. So, I'm sure I'll make it again, but next time I will probably leave out the figs because I'm sure the sauce will be really yummy even without the figs!

On to the menu:

* Monday: Chicken and quinoa stew (new recipe) and also this will be the first time we're trying quinoa. I have no doubt I'll like it, but we'll see about the rest of the crew!

* Tuesday: Green salad (with whatever veggies I have on hand) with chicken on top

* Wednesday: Sloppy joes served on 100% whole grain bread

* Thursday: Baked lemon pepper Tilapia with steamed veggies and rice

* Friday: No meal. Michael is taking Jacob to opening night of the local AAA baseball team with some friends. It will just be Eli and I, we'll probably eat out for a date!

* Saturday: My free day - if I need to make lunch it will be tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

* Sunday: Meatloaf with roasted potatoes and green beans


Sarah said...

Looks like a great menu and a great week (and it looks like we have similar cooking styles! :) Have a great week!


Natalie said...

Sunday sounds great, wonderful comfort food. :)

Laura said...

Mmm, everything sounds great, and healthy too!

The Fischer Family said...

Your menu looks great! Have a great week!

downhomedieting said...

I want to try quinoa too. Your recipe looks delicious!

Have a great week!

magpie said...

Looks delicious and healthy :) This is my second week too!