Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My first Kitchen Tip Tuesday


This is what the 'hub/command center' of our house looks like. This is one corner of my kitchen counter that is reserved for running the household. Yes, we have a desk/office, but it's in another room. The kitchen is where we enter/leave the house (through the garage) so it just makes sense for me (and I'm too organized to let it get messy) that I keep everything near where we enter/leave the house.

Before I go to bed I also have a look at the calendar and to do's for the next day to make sure I'm remembering everything for the next day (and to prevent forgetting early appointments!).

So basically, everything gets dumped here during the day (mail, Jacob's school papers, any papers I receive from appts., etc.). I try to keep it organized during the day, but that's not always a possibility given the sometimes hectic nature of my day. So, at the end of the day everything is sorted and dealt with. Once I come downstairs in the morning after my shower, the only time I go up is to put the kids down for naps or when I'm putting away laundry (and I never remember to take anything with me to put away) so when I go up to go to bed every night, I take anything that needs to be put away with me.

I do plan on eventually moving everything over to a better space in my kitchen (the top shelf of the bakers rack). This is a perfect spot for all of my 'running the house' stuff, but I want to get a sorter to hang on the wall and have yet to remember to go to the right store to look for one when I'm ALONE (ie - NO KIDS talking my head off while I'm trying to think)!

You can find other great kitchen tips at Tammy's site.

kitchen tip tuesday


Kirstin said...

Great tip!

Sonshine said...

great tip! I use the front of my fridge as my "hub"! and then I got a wooden mail slot from Michael's and painted it to go with the kitchen deco.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Laura said...

Sounds like you are SUPER organized. Looks like a very good system!