Sunday, April 6, 2008

How does your garden grow...

Saturday and Sunday we went to Home Depot and WalMart to get the necessary supplies for me to start our 'garden.' I don't actually have anywhere in my yard to make a real garden, so I am gardening in pots for the time being. This actually works a little better for me since I can move the pots in the summer when the sun hits different parts of my yard for longer periods during the day. Sometimes when living in the mountains (we live in Colorado Springs at 6,500 feet) it's hard to find a spot that gets the same amount of sun at the beginning of spring as it does into the summer. This is caused by the topography of the area we live - too many hills...

Here's what we got:
* 2 types of tomato seeds (cherry and a medium size better boy)
* Strawberry plants
* Variety lettuce seeds
* Soil
* Manure
* 2 12" round pots with drain pans (these will be used for the tomatoes after transplant from starters inside)
* 24" window boxes (one will be used for additional tomatoes, one for strawberries and one for lettuce)

I had been saving my commercial yogurt containers, plastic fruit cups and other small (4-6oz) plastic containers for a few weeks - to start the tomato seeds in since they can't go out yet because we could have one (or FIVE) more frost in the next few weeks. I had a total of 11 containers to use and used a box cutter and cut small drainage holes in the bottom of each.

Sunday, Jacob and I spent a couple of hours planting the tomatoes in the small containers. We put them on the drain pans for the final pots since I didn't want them draining all over my kitchen floor!

We also planted the lettuce seeds, nothing exciting to see here, just looks like a bunch of dirt. Germination is 8-14 days, so maybe in a couple of weeks we'll start to see some tiny lettuce leaves.

I bought already started strawberry plants (they were a really good price). I planted 2 containers (4 plants) in one window box, so they should start producing in about 6 weeks - one of them already had a bloom, so maybe it will be sooner!!

I hope it all goes as well as I envision it. I've grown tomatoes before and they did ok. I've also attempted cucumbers - and let's just say, I think I'm turned off to that for a few more years....

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Linds said...

Thanks for th info on soaking grains with lemon juice. I will give it a try!

Hope your seeds turn out better than mine are :)