Friday, April 25, 2008

The Loot!

This is my 'loot' from my outing this morning. The boys and I went to the Just Between Friends semi-annual consignment sale and did really well.

Here's what we got:
~ For Jacob:
*Arizona brand (JCPenney) short sleve button down
* Black Polo Ralph Lauren Jeans (retail new for between $39-$55)
~ For Eli:
* Sonoma Brand (Target) button down and matching t-shirt
* Faded Glory (Walmart) button down and matching t-shirt
* Faded Glory denim shorts
* Sonoma navy nylon shorts
* Gap blue jeans (retail new for $39.50)
~ 2 gallon size ziplocs of Mr. Potato head stuff (5 potatoes -2 large and 3 small - and at least 20 pieces)

Everything we got is in WONDERFUL condition and barely looks like it was ever worn. Do you want to know how much I paid for all this great stuff?

$42 and that includes my $2 entry fee! One pair of those jeans alone would cost that new (not that I would EVER buy jeans new from Gap or a department store that sells Polo.....). What a steal! It averages out to $4.20 per item, which is a bit much, but considering the two great pairs of jeans I got (that will last through next winter because I bought them a little big for both boys), I think I got a great deal!

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