Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rachael's room

I thought I'd give you all an update on my to do list for Rachael's room:

* Put up curtain rod - done
* Sew crib skirt (will be the above fabric) - done
* Sew bumper pad (will be coordinating teal/aqua from print above) - done
* Sew curtains (will be chocolate, with coordinating purple valance and will use the print for the tabs and tie-backs) - done
* Cover the lamp shade (I have several scraps of coordinating colors and will use whichever one is big enough) - done
* Make some wall art (using this very cool idea) - done - I decided on the memo board instead
* Get baby announcements as ready as possible - put together with name info, etc. - so that all I have to do after she's born is fill in the date, time, weight, length, etc. - started
* Make a wall hanging with her first and middle names and meanings, biblical references, etc. - done
* Get box of clothes from friend and wash and put away - done

Now, here are the photos of the fruits of my labor!


Sara said...

So gorgeous! I love your handiwork!

(I just found your blog from, uh, I don't remember, but I plan on coming back! We live in the same area, so I'm totally planning on being nosey!)

Teresa said...

Ummm, can you teach me how to sew? I love that you are having a girl. Just like us only you didn't wait 9 years after your boys! I love the room and the packed closet already! If you need anymore girl stuff, I have lots. We should get together and meet since we live so close and will soon be single Mommies at the same time. Please e-mail me anytime- we live up in the Gleneagle area! Take care and thanks for writing on my new blog! Teresa