Friday, July 4, 2008

Garden update and my first harvest!

My first harvest from my Colorado garden is a pretty Roma tomato. It's hard to tell in the photo, but it's about 2.5 inches tall and just looks oh so yummy! I'm going to partake of this beauty with my lunch tomorrow and I think that even if it's the most disgusting tomato I've ever eaten, it will still be wonderful - because I grew it myself!!

This is not in my garden yet because it is actually a science lesson of Jacob's (learning about seeds and what they need to grow, etc.). We took 4 dried beans (red beans) and soaked them for a while then 'planted' them in mason jars squished up against the side of the jar with a wet paper towel and napkin to hold them in place. That was nearly 2 weeks ago and this is the only survivor, but it's a hearty one! It will go in the ground in the next few days!

This is a full view of the garden. The left row is all tomatoes. Starting from the back: Roma, Cherry, Early Girl x 2. The very front Early Girl bit the dust (or so I thought) and then I noticed about a week ago there is new growth coming up from the root.... The next row is 2 jalapeno's in the back and 2 strawberries. I'm not sure what happened to the strawberries, maybe they're just waiting to come back next year. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. The third row is a green bell pepper and cilantro, the other spots were never filled because I couldn't figure out what else I wanted - the bean plant from the mason jar will go in one of the spots. The far right row is a variety of lettuces, in the front is Romaine and the back portion has a mesclun (spring mix).

Close up of the 2 jalapeno's

Close up of the Roma with another tomato ready for picking tomorrow!

I also have this Celebrity tomato in a pot. It was started before the garden was even an idea in my head. I think it has 2 on it so far and several more blooms!

Close up of the cherry. Just a quick estimate in looking at it this evening and I think it has about 15-20 tomatoes growing on it already. It's a cherry, so they grow in clusters of 4-6! The first of those will be ready for harvesting in about 2 weeks! I can't wait!

Here's the Early Girl that didn't nearly die! No fruit yet, just a few blooms!

This is mostly Romaine lettuce with a few misc. others mixed in that got scattered over when I was originally sowing the seed.

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Erika said...

Hi Laura,
This is inspiring. I'm working up the nerve to get out there and start growing my own food. I imagine it as an empowering process- second to giving birth:)

(Found your blog via a comment you made on another)