Thursday, July 3, 2008

My clean garage

BEFORE: We bought this house and moved in during early October last year. We moved in on a Friday and then Michael had to leave on Monday for a 2 week TDY, so there was a lot of stuff that just got dumped in the garage until it was warm enough to take care of. Well, warm enough is finally here! Last weekend we finally tackled the mess that just seemed to keep piling up. (My van is parked to the left of all the mess....)

AFTER #1: Target had these metal shelving units on sale for $30 this week. We found them in the Sunday ad and just knew they were perfect for our needs. Now we have all of our small items, chemicals, toys camping gear, etc. on the shelves rather than scattered about. My van is now parked a little more in the middle and....

AFTER #2: all of the other stuff with wheels is on that side of the garage (lawnmower, strollers, bikes).
I love it. It's so nice and neat, and if you know me, you know nice and neat is what I'm all about!!

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