Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hooray for the Commissary!

I'm not usually a huge fan of the Commissary, they tend to have higher prices than my local Walmart, it is typically CROWDED (even on days that are no where near payday) and I do like the convenience of Super Walmart and not having to go 2 separate places to buy home goods, etc. However, today's trip to the Commissary may have converted me totally!

I went at the worst possible time, mid-day on a Saturday..... duh! and it was super crowded, which is pretty much what I expected. Being so crowded (you know, the having-to-wait-for-several-customers-to-move-down-an-aisle-just-so-you-can-get-your-cart-onto-the-aisle, kind of crowding) makes me a little frazzled by the end of my shopping trip (I only do major shopping 2x per month, so it takes me up to 2 hours each trip). Especially, when I'm actually trying to research prices and compare coupons, etc. while I'm getting what's on my list.

So, by the time I got to the cashier (and put my 4 separate orders on the belt - 3 WIC checks and my regular purchases) my brain was fried.... The cashier was super patient with having to check out 4 different orders for me and that was a relief because the cashier's at Walmart always seem in a hurry and there's always someone in line behind you making me feel rushed. At the Commissary, they don't even call the next person up until you are finished - you just wait in a long, winding line until it's your turn! The bagger was wonderful and packed all my reusable bags properly and efficiently and then when she ran out of those, honored my request for paper! And the baggers only work for tips!

Ok, back to my brain being fried..... I realized as the bagger was walking with me out to the van that I still had all my coupons (but I had remembered to make change for the bagger while the cashier's drawer was open)........... GAH! Once we got all the bags loaded, I sat in the van and called customer service admitting that it was my fault for forgetting. Guess what? The lady I spoke with said "just bring in your receipt and all your coupons and we'll verify them." Whoa! So, back into the store I went! At customer service a different lady took my receipt and coupons (and me) over to a register and scanned my receipt and then each coupon to verify that the coupon was valid for that receipt and gave me $11.05 back in CASH even though I'd paid with a credit card!!

I think I am now in love with the Commissary because, even if you're a big dork like me, you can still get your coupons honored and not have to suffer an $11.05 mistake.

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Marin said...

That is FANTASTIC! What super customer service.