Monday, July 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - 7/14/08

Ahhhh, it's so hot (you can read my post from yesterday about that), that I just haven't been up to cooking much at all in the last few weeks. Mind you, we've not been eating out, but we have been eating lots of foods that can be eaten cold. We've eaten tons of salad, a couple crock pot meals (less heat involved), smoothies, sandwiches and anything else that doesn't require heating the house or standing over a hot stove. On a few cooler days I've made pizzas (on french bread), spaghetti and some other similarly simple dishes.

Menu planning eludes me at this point (which is really not good for the budget or my daily sanity) but I really just haven't felt up to planning anything because the weather is really dictating what we're eating (and the fact that hubby will NOT eat anything hot if he's hot). Salads are a great go-to meal for us right now and I have an abundance of lettuce ready (I'm finishing up a store bought spring mix and have already given some of our fresh lettuce to our neighbor) and we're having fresh tomatoes every few days, also!

This week also starts a new schedule for us with Michael going to school two evenings and playing softball one evening (softball will be finished in two weeks, thankfully) and he typically has to leave the house a little after 5. Jacob has swim lessons from 4:30-5:00 on the same days Michael goes to school so I'm not home to get Michael's dinner ready and usually just leave him a salad or sandwich in the fridge.....

I'm going to the farmer's market tomorrow to load up on tons more fresh produce and we'll just wing it for this week.

Here's what I can prepare if I need to make a hot meal:
* Whole chicken for the crock pot with veggies
* Spaghetti
* Ham with veggies or rice
* Chicken enchiladas

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Amy said...

Salads are always better in the summer anyway, IMHO. :)