Monday, May 26, 2008

What a wonderful weekend

We had a wonderful weekend, I hope all of you enjoyed yourselves as well.

Since today (Monday) was a holiday - Memorial Day, Michael also got a 'down day' on Friday - his squadron got that day off as well. So we actually had a 4 day weekend. Normally, we would have taken that opportunity to drive over to Oklahoma (appx. 700 miles) to see Michael's mom so the kids could have some grandma-time, but with gas prices the way they are it would have cost us $300 on gas alone. That doesn't include food or anything else we might do while we're visiting, so an Oklahoma trip was absolutely out of the question.....

Here's what we did instead:

* Friday morning we took my van in for brakes, then did a little piddling around. We came home and ate lunch and then the boys and I took naps (Michael was doing some school work during this time). I had the good fortune of being able to nap for TRHEE hours!! What a wonderful husband I have!

*Saturday morning we piddled around the house for a little while and then decided to head to the zoo for a little while - zoo memberships are great!!! We got to see the wonderful new exhibit that opened this weekend called "Rocky Mountain wildlife", it's all about the local wildlife, including mountain lions, moose, porcupines and many other native Coloradoans! We came home and the boys and Michael had naps and I went out on a trek to replace the security blanket we lost while at the zoo..... Eli was none too happy to realize it was gone - so Walmart came to the rescue (which is great because it had to be a very specific 'feel' - he has a thing for satin and chenille.....)!!!

* Sunday morning I put a chicken in the crockpot so we could do whatever in the afternoon and I wouldn't have to worry about coming home and getting dinner ready. Then we headed to church. After church was lunch and naps for the boys. During this time I finally refined my idea for a garden space in our yard. I've been watching the yard to see which area gets the most sunlight hours and finally scoped it all out. So after naps we headed to Home Depot to get some remaining plants, etc. and then came home to start the work - the process of this garden will be a separate post because you HAVE to see the before and afters - again, I have an amazing and very strong husband!!

* Monday morning I had the pleasure (thanks again to that wonderful husband of mine) of sleeping in until 9:30! It is very rare that I sleep past 6:15 since Eli has decided he'd rather be an early riser these days, so it was such a treat. And Michael had even planned to cut the grass first thing, but decided to let me sleep in instead. I got up and took over child duty so he could go out and do the grass and then we picked up where we left off on the gardening. And it was a very full day of gardening, but a very productive day. All I have left is to get the plants in the ground tomorrow!!!

Tell me about your holiday weekend. Any fun trips? Or are you as impacted by the gas prices as we are?

Today was also Eli's 2nd birthday - although we aren't celebrating until Saturday because of it falling on a holiday. That will also be a separate post.

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