Friday, May 16, 2008

Frugal Friday

I am posting for the first time on Frugal Friday because I actually have something to share this week!

With the cost of groceries and gas rising to unheard of prices, I've found that our budget is suffering. Staying within my budget for groceries has been somewhat challenging, but I've been learning the art of 'couponing' and combining all the wonderful offers with sales to get items we typically use for free or very close to it.

BUT I cannot do much about the gas expense. I have 2 kids and taking our very limited public transportation is not doable. Driving less is also not doable at this point.

We live on a single military income - if you're a military family you know what that's like. It's very little money, but up until now we've been making it work with a little money allotted to 'fun' each month. We are even managing to pay down our debt. However, with gas prices the way they are, I'm finding it difficult to pay the same amount toward our debt because we are now spending approx. $250 per month on gas.........

So, my solution is NO 'fun' that costs money for at least a month. Right now we only have $100 per month allocated to 'fun', but that's $100 I can put toward debt since I'm having to reduce the amount I can put toward debt during this gas price struggle.

We still have our small personal allowances we have agreed upon to do with whatever we like, but our actual budget for eating out, etc. will be added to debt for the next month - maybe longer.

Basically, my frugal tip for the day is don't spend any more money than is absolutely necessary to survive for a while and see how much you can save.


Stephanie GO said...

I love your idea! We are going to get back on our strict budget. We sold Mark's truck so right now we have only one car to fill with gas and no car payments. That is how we'll save some for awhile at least. :)

Tara said...

I think you are right.. I think our entire country is having to stop and reconsider how we live..what we spend.. Its good in a way.. I suppose.. however, definitely not fun to have to limit the "fun"

BarbaraLee said...

Our country has become spoiled. We depend to much on convince. How many families grow gardens any more?
We are doing the same this yr. Paying of the rest of our debt off. We are looking at getting a new vehicle. Right now we have a subran. It takes gas but it is paid for. I hate the thought of having a car payment.

Kim said...

Great idea!

The past two years in January I've participated in a challenge where you can't buy anything not needed to survive and it is amazing the amount of money we save!

I don't have a clue why we don't do this all year. I guess it's because I am already so frugal so being more frugal is tough... A girl needs a little wiggle room ya know, lol!

Have a great day!