Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's a basket carnival!

I've been inspired to show you some of my organization tactics and of my never ending love of baskets and plastic totes.... Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie is hosting this wonderful basket carnival, so hop on over there to check out many other wonderful uses for baskets and totes.

This is the play room. I have all of the toys contained to these totes/buckets. The four pullouts all have specific items in them and the boys know what goes in each one (including Eli!). So, when it's time to put the toys away each evening, everything goes in its proper place!

The bottom container here houses all of my gift wrapping supplies (bags, paper, tissue paper, etc.) It's on rollers and is suppose to fit under a bed, but I haven't found a bed it will actually fit under... The two green baskets have all of the kids' art/craft supplies in them. All the items in this photo are kept in the closet above the crawl space (easily accessible) - I just pulled them out for the photo.

These are all of my stamping and card making supplies.

My sewing supplies. The bottom tote has all of my fabric, batting, poly-fill, etc. The two smaller ones have all of my spools of ribbon (and a few baggies of misc. ribbon scraps), neatly organized by color, I might add!!

Lastly, we have all of my jewelry making and business supplies. Along with completed jewelry in the 'real' basket on the end.

Can you tell I love these little plain colored baskets with the holes in them?

Oh, and this post does not include the eleventy billion clear plastic, 58 quart totes of kid clothes and baby items that are in my crawl space. I'm not about to try to pry the lid off the crawl space to go down there in my current condition (preggers), so you'll just have to imagine it!!


Org Junkie said...

Those green and white containers with the holes are one of my favorites too! I just love them! Thanks for sharing those :)

Tina said...

I need to get one of those underbed storage tubs for my gift wrapping supplies. Love the way you have used baskets and containers in your home :)

Jerri said...

i love those white baskets. i definitely need to invest in some more of these.