Sunday, May 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - 5/19/08

Last week I totally neglected to post my menus.... I had it, just never posted it. OOPS. I contribute this forgetfullness to having two children to care for AND being pregnant because every woman knows that you lose every single brain cell while you are pregnant!! This is not the only thing I've forgotten this week.....

This week's menu has been scouted carefully. I spent 2 hours at the library on Thursday evening reading many books on feeding my 'possibly' allergic Eli. Now that I have all my ducks in a row we have officially undertaken the elimination diet. Here are the things we are removing for 2-3 weeks - eggs, dairy, gluten, soy. The sad part is that his birthday party falls in this time period so I will be making him some special cupcakes and everyone else will have a storebought cake. Also, I don't normally cook on the weekends but due to the elimination diet and my frugal post, we are foregoing eating out for a while.

* Monday: Homemade pizza with spelt crust and rice cheese on Eli's portion.
* Tuesday: Eggs and toast for everyone except Eli - he will have either gluten/dairy free waffles or some other breakfast-ish item
* Wednesday: Spaghetti made with brown rice pasta, homemade yeast rolls (recipe from one of the library books)
* Thursday: Creole red beans and rice
* Friday: Baked chicken, potato salad (none for Eli because I use eggs and mayo in it) and steamed corn on the cob
* Saturday: Tacos with homemade tortillas (recipe from one of the library books)
* Sunday: Leftovers

I would have linked you to the recipes for the spelt pizza crust and the red beans and rice but recipezaar is down (has been for the last few days) and I can't get to the recipes. I hope I can get to them when I need them OR hopefully I wrote them down in my recipe box already!!!

Remember to hop on over to Laura's site for more wonderful menu plans for this week!


Danelle Ice said...

Good luck on the elimination diet. Your side photo looks great! Pregnant women are wonderful :) Have a great week!
Homemaker Barbi

Niki said...

good luck with the dietary can be a real challenge!