Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Electric kettle, how do I love thee....

Let me count the ways!

I LOVE my electric kettle. I never had a kettle until we went to Australia visiting Michael's family over Christmas and everyone there uses a kettle. They all drink hot tea and instant coffee all the time (all day long) and every household has an electric kettle. Not the old-school-take-forever-to-heat-on-the-stove type. No one drinks freshly brewed coffee, they all drink instant!

While we were there, we decided that we too needed an electric kettle because I could think of several other uses for it (other than tea and coffee). And it boils water (up to 60oz) in a snap!

Super Target came through. They had 3 different ones to choose from. We chose a middle of the road model and it was about $30. Totally worth every penny. I use it on a daily basis.

Here are just a few things I can think of that I do with it:

* Hot Tea
* Instant Coffee
* Fresh brewed iced tea
* Boiling water for stove top sauces (making them faster to cook)
* Boiling water for pasta (boiling it in the pot takes SO long), just fill the kettle, turn it on and turn on the eye on your stove and heat your pot while the water is heating that way your pouring the boiling water into a hot pot
* Boiling water for things like ramen noodles (boil the water, then pour over the noodles and let sit for about 3-5 min.) also works the same for bread stuffing
* Warming water to warm up your dishwater that's gone cold (instead of wasting water by running it until it gets hot - just heat it in the kettle)

That's my kitchen tip for today! If you don't have a kettle, I highly suggest investing in one if you can afford it. Visit Tammy's site for more wonderful kitchen tips.


Anonymous said...

G'day! (That's actually just for effect. I usually say "howdy") I linked from Tammy's Recipes.

Tell me, seriously, do most people in the US NOT have a kettle? How funny!

Blessings to you.

In Him

Meredith in Aus

Bloggin' Mama said...

Hi Meredith,

Now that I think about it, I have never been in a home in the US where I've seen a kettle (family and friends included). Since spending time with my in-laws for a month in MEL and getting very accustomed to having one, I couldn't imagine coming home and not purchasing one! They are so very useful. But, hot tea and instant coffee aren't as popular over here, so I guess most people wouldn't even think of owning one.

Thanks for your comment!

Miss J said...

ooohhh! we have the same kettle! I got it from our wedding and I really love its cordless versatility!