Monday, March 10, 2008

Home building...

We own a brand new home that we closed on in October. When we moved in, we knew that there were yet to be any neighbors on the left (that house is still for sale now) and that our house was the last on our side of the street at that point. So, we were fortunate enough to not have any neighbors (and still don't 5 months later!!). There also aren't any houses on the other side of the street past the one that's diagonal to ours either (the houses on the other side of the street are more expensive because they have full basements). However, we did know that it probably wouldn't be long before they started building more houses. And it wasn't.

Building a house next door is not nearly as noisy and bothersome as I thought it would be. The only complaint I have about the building process of the house next door is that I was constantly encountering a blocked driveway. Apparently, construction workers and delivery men think it's ok to block the neighbor's driveway while they are working/delivering goods..... I had to go find someone several times to move a vehicle so I could get in or out of my driveway at various times during the day. However, once I lodged a complaint with the sales office down the street, all that stopped!! That house is finished now and I suspect we'll have neighbors fairly soon.

This past Friday morning was interesting though, you see, Friday is my off day. I do not babysit and there is no one to take to school and I try not to schedule anything that morning. I am usually fortunate enough to get to sleep until 7:00 when the kids get up and we just putter around, then eat breakfast and then we go to the gym. So, when I was awakened at 5:55 Friday morning to some strange, loud rumbling noise - seemingly right outside my window - I was none too happy. Do you know what it was......... the waste removal company vacuuming out the two port-a-potties a little way down the street! UGH. Like that's what I wanted to wake up to on my morning off. Oh, and why so EARLY? Seriously, trash and waste removal trucks are loud, there should be some rule/law that they can't pick up until at least 7am.

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