Friday, February 29, 2008

POOP ----- in the bathtub!

Tonight was, well, interesting.... We went to dinner at Red Robin - YUMMY! That went ok, not great, but sometimes that's just how it is with a 4 year old and a 21 month old. (I don't think we'll be going out to eat much after we have #3.... too tough). Jacob was very well behaved and ate his dinner very nicely. Eli, on the other hand has a completely different view on full service restaurants than the rest of the world - they are not for sitting or eating or even coloring with the crayons provided, apparently, they are for complaining and whining and asking to get down repeatedly! This, my friends, is why our weekly eating out event usually occurs at a fast food restaurant.....

Anywho, we came home and it was time to get ready for baths. I started the water and sat Eli on the potty - he is not actively potty training because, he's just not ready yet, but he will occasionally sit there and go after a few minutes. Not so today, he sat there and hadn't gone yet when the water was ready so I let him get down and get in the tub. The bath part went normally, you know, wash the hair, was the body, then on to the other kid and then they get to play for a while. I was getting pj's out and Michael was in the bathroom with them and Eli grabbed his stomach and said he needed to go peepee, so Michael picked him up and .... yep, you guessed it, it's too late, he had already started pooping but Michael didn't notice it until he'd already sat him on the toilet. By this time there was poop in the tub and on the floor...... FUN! Quick, get Jacob out, too! ICK.

Most of us moms have had this happen at least once. I can say, very thankfully, that I've probably had it happen less than 5 times and even though I've cleaned it up before, I still sat there for a minute perplexed as to what to do and where to begin..... Who really wants to clean THAT out of their tub and off their bathroom floor. ICK again. So, I cleaned Eli first and then went off to get the cleaning supplies - thankfully years ago someone decided that they'd make rubber gloves for cleaning nasty places like toilets (and I have a pair for that purpose) cause I would have seriously been too grossed out to handle that. Needless to say, I spent the next 30 minutes cleaning the entire bathroom and washing all the toys that had been in the tub, then put on a load of every single towel in the vicinity of that bathroom - you know, just in case....

What was your most interesting kid-related moment today?

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