Friday, March 28, 2008

Ode to the dying camera

Oh' Kodak Easy Share
You've been such a maiden fair

Even with only 3.1
We've always had so much fun

You've been there to see
The best there could be

It's been a great five years
Now there may be a few tears

But these new photos aren't the best
I think it's time to put you to rest

LOL! This Kodak Easy Share 3.1 megapixel (don't know the model number) has really been a great camera. But, its time has come.... A few months ago I noticed it starting to act up - occasionally it would take a picture and then the file be unreadable (even using a different memory card), or sometimes you could focus and then go to actually "click" the picture and it wouldn't take it, then it started gradually taking longer to process photos before it'd let you take a new one, then today it started taking these white pictures (almost like there was something wrong with the exposure) even on all the 'normal' settings about 50% of the time.

I've been telling Michael for a few months that I thought it was going to die and we've been casually looking at new cameras. I REALLY want an SLR with manual zoom and all, but of the 2 I really like, neither has come below $499 (but the Nikon I would love is still $599) and we just can't swing that right now. So, we'll probably get another point-and-shoot of some sort. I'm ok with that since we'll do our research and test them out, etc., so we won't just get some junky, cheap thing (and they're smaller and fit into a diaper bag more easily). But I'm going to miss knowing how to use all the features on my Kodak.

I got a new one!!!! We found the new 8.2 megapixel version of our camera on sale for $149!! Woohoo. It's doing it's mandatory charge-before-you-use-it right now so I can't turn it on and fiddle with it. But it looks like most of the settings are the same and maybe even some new tricks it can do! I'm so excited. We're going to a Denver Nuggets game tomorrow night and we HAD to have a new camera before the game, and I'm thrilled we got this one! And it's super cute too - don't you think so?

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