Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Seeing all kinds of crazy happenings

Last week I called the fire department to come put out a fire someone had started in a dumpster across the street from my house.

Today, I saw a hit and run car accident. Actually saw it happen. Crazy stuff.

I was sitting in the turn lane at the main intersection near my house. For those of you in the Springs, I was turning left from Academy (facing northbound) onto Airport. I was on my way home from the gym and getting gas. The light was turning red and everyone was stopping, when all of a sudden across the intersection a white Cavalier, clips/sort of smashes the front end of a black Avalanche, sending it sideways into a minivan. The Cavalier took off lickety-split, weaved thru the cars and turned right and sped off hit-and-run style.

I guess, in an attempt to chase after him, the guy in the Avalanche tried to do the same and ended up clipping/half way rear ending a GrandAm and sent it drifting thru the intersection (thankfully it was that split second when all lights were red and only a cross walk was lit).

Everyone got out of their cars (no one was hurt) and I reached for my phone and dialed 911, after 9 rings, there was no answer, so I hung up. I then called Michael and while I was on the phone with him 911 called me back, so I told them the short of the story and she said there had already been a call placed and police were en route!

So, I proceeded home. I was too far away to see the plates on the Cavalier....

Probably didn't have any insurance, people like that disgust me.

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Sara said...

This does NOT suprise me in this town! Not one little bit!