Saturday, March 21, 2009

Holy Smokes! For real....smoke - and FIRE

I just had to call the fire department....

Michael was leaving to run an errand a little after 8pm and happened to notice (in the dark) that a construction dumpster a few houses down and across the street was smoking. It was in the driveway of an unfinished home. He asked me to keep an eye on it and call the fire dept. if it started flaming.

About 10 minutes later I could see flames thru some holes in the bottom of the dumpster and flames out the top. It wasn't out of control or anything, but it was definitely a fire.

I called 911 and let the dispatcher know that it wasn't a life or death emergency, but there was a fire. Told her the situation and by the time I got off the phone with her, I could see a firetruck coming up the streets. No siren, just flashing lights. The entrance to our street is diagonally across from the brand new fire station, so they didn't have far to go!

I looked like a goofy spectator because I sat on my front porch and watched them extinguish the fire and check around the outside of the house.

**** When the fire truck pulled up, I heard someone a few houses down (right in front of the dumpster) say "OMG" really loudly. Then, by the time the fire dept. left, there was some sort of fire burning in these people's driveway. So, I'm thinking those people were the ones who set the fire. For what reason, I have no clue. There could have been something really harmful in that dumpster, for all they knew, and the dumpster hadn't been emptied since Tuesday.

People are ridiculous. Container fires aren't illegal, but c'mon. The container wasn't even on their property and what if one of the construction worker's had put something explosive or chemically harmful in there? Sheesh.

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