Wednesday, April 22, 2009

9 years

9 years ago today was a Saturday. It was perfectly, perfect spring day in Panama City, Florida, made only more perfect by being able to sign that marriage certificate as husband and wife!!

We were so young (I was 19 and Michael was 20), and in retrospect, so naive as to what lay ahead.

During our marriage we have definitely experienced the most trying of trials, but we have also experienced the best of the best. It was those times (years, really) where we pushed God to the back burner in our marriage that the enemy attacked with full force and steam rolled us. And it is only by the grace of our wonderful, loving God that we survived those trying times and have since built a marriage that thrives!

But, you know what? We have a story and a testimony and that testimony has helped people. I will never know the "why's" of the depths that we have endured, but I do know one thing. God NEVER lets us experience a trial that we will not be able to withstand (come out stronger, even) with God's help.
I am proud to say that trusting God has gotten us this far and I can truly say that Michael is my 'other-half'. I'm not sure how I would survive without him! He is the perfect husband for me, the perfect Godly example for me and our children, a wonderful dad and a great friend. I consider it my pleasure to be his helpmeet and mother to our children! God definitely knows what He's doing!
Happy Anniversary, Babe!

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Anonymous said...

WoW you guys look so young!! Congrats guys! Miss you and love you! Joy