Friday, March 27, 2009

I won!

I love looking through my spam folder and laughing at the silly things people try to lure you in with.

Here's a sample of what I've gotten in the last 48 hours:

* My email was 'chosen' for the following prizes (if I pay them a fee or give them my bank account info. and my address....):
~ Maybelline mascara
~ Victoria's Secret gift card
~ Dell laptop
~ Walmart gift card

* I've won $1,000,000 US because my email address attached to ticket #56475600545 189 was chosen. I only have to send this company my personal information and pay the courier fees to claim my prize!

* I won the UK National Lottery

* I have been chosen by William Simon to receive 20% of $7,000,000 (the $7,000,000 will be passed on to charities) because he's dying of esophageal cancer and has no heirs.

* Rachael Davidson wants me to give her some money to reactivate a dormant account in the Bank of Europe so she can then retrieve the 7,500,000pounds her husband deposited before he died in 2003

* I won an Exxon-Mobil email prize of $386,500

I find these things absolutely hilarious. I also find the fact that the email addresses these things come from are SO incredibly obscure, I can't imagine anyone falling for these gimmicks - yet they do...

Take a look at your spam folder some day and have yourself a nice chuckle!!

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