Monday, February 2, 2009

The trouble with the internet

Just before we left to go to Florida I hurt my back. I have no idea what I did because I simply woke up one morning and it was awfully painful. Probably not something that could have happened from rough sleep.

That was 3.5 weeks ago and it still hurts. I have tried taking it very easy and just sitting around. I've tried HOT baths, heating pads, tylenol, exercising, heeled shoes, flats, sneakers, etc. I've even taken some Percocet I had left over from my c-section with Rachael and nothing seems to help for more than a few minutes. Constant movement seems to help a bit, the only thing that actually relieves the pain is lying down on my side (but it comes right back when I get up) and with 3 kids I just can't do either of those all day.

It's HORRIBLE lumbar pain and it's also causing sciatica (no I'm not pregnant). The sciatica is not constant, but the lumbar pain is. I'll tell you that this pain is about a 9 (out of 10) and for me that's terrible, especially since I have a very high tolerance for pain. Oy!

I'm going to call while the kids are napping this afternoon to try to get an appt. with my dr. (or maybe the chiropractor), but I think I've already diagnosed myself. That brings us to the title of this post... a person could really convince herself she was certainly dying by googling/webmd-ing her symptoms. I can't imagine what all kind of crazy things people see doctors thinking they have, simply because they spent a little too much time on the internet. I do think these resources are invaluable for learning more about a condition or diagnosis already received or an upcoming procedure, etc., but be careful.

Back to my self-diagnosis... I think I have a herniated disc in the lumbar region. My mom recently had surgery to repair a herniated disc in the same area and my symptoms are very similar to hers. According to webmd, I have the exact symptoms of a herniated disc.... ugh.

We'll see, though. I'm not a doctor, so I will go see him for a proper/correct diagnosis and treatment plan.


Sara said...

I had this happen to me right after the little Z was born. I didn't have a herniated disk, there was actually nothing wrong, just PAIN!

And now, because of the lovely clinic here on base, my medical file says I have pill seeking behavior. (Which is why I will say I hope they find something wrong that can be fixed!)

BackPatient said...

Hi...I'm sorry to hear about the pain your in. I know of a great therapeutic device that I think can help relieve your pain. It is called the SpineSix BioMotion Spinal System and it has been proven effective in treating your symptoms. SpineSix is used by physical therapists, chiropractors and even orthopaedic surgeons to reduce the need for going under the knife. I'm not sure where you are located, but if you let me know I can tell you where SpineSix therapy is available. Or look it up on the interenet.
I hope this helps

Erin said...

I worked for a neurosurgeon a few years ago (they do lots of back surgery when there are not brains to operate on!). It could be a herniated disc, a small impingement or something could just be 'off line' (I also worked for a chiropractor).

If I were you, Laura, I would be sure to see a few different types of docs. Like in Saras case, a regular MD couldn't tell what was wrong so they said it was nothing. Maybe a chiropractor would know to look for something else. If not, keep trying. There is always physical therapy and even naturopathic medicine. I know its expensive (trust me, I have Tricare too!!) but you feeling better is worth it.

I saw my naturopath for what I thought was horrible tension headaches from the neck up a couple of years ago, she told me to lay off the soy and take some herbal pills. I was so mad on my way home, she sent me with migraine stuff. I paid cash for this appt and these expensive pills and she isn't even listening to me I thought.

Well, I did what she said and the months of painful headaches came to an end that week. Ya just never know!!

Good luck!