Saturday, February 14, 2009


Last week on Tuesday I had a REALLY busy morning. I dropped the boys off at preschool, then had to go to the dr., had to wait at the pharmacy, feed Rachael and then back to get the boys.

THEN because I had such a rushed morning, we got fast food (ICK)....

When we got home, the boys ate, then went to bed for naps. I then fed Rachael again and put her down for a nap. Then I ate (in the living room) and pumped. Whew! When I walked back into the kitchen after eating, this is the mess I found:

I think I might have said out loud "oh, boy, what a mess"! Let's see what we have strewn across the counters, starting on the far side - the crockpot is actually in use, dirty kitchen towels/rags, Michael's coffee mug, a finished bottle, loaf of bread, fast food trash, freshly pumped milk, 2 bottles of children's tylenol (1 empty, 1 new), playdoh, my planner, toothbrush that I got at the dentist the week before (it had been in my purse), new library books, a wetbag with dirty clothes/diapers in it, preschool papers, mail, Eli's remote control car.

Those are all things that are not suppose to be out on the counters.

And here's what it looked like 20 minutes later:

Aaaahhhh, there's nothing like a clean kitchen!!

Just keepin' it real here at Bloggin' Mama!


Caffeinated Mom said...

haha. I could write that same blog. Amazing how messy a house gets when you're in a hurry. Sundays are our really messy days. We leave early and only come home for a few hours for naps, then back out until late. It is exhausting.

Erin said...

I totally understand, too! And I've only got one child!!