Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We made a trip to Oklahoma City this past weekend for a special occasion - Rachael's dedication. Pastor Lawrence Neisent of Destiny Christian Center, Intl., our friend and previous pastor was wonderful to work us in on a Sunday when he wouldn't normally be doing a baby dedication. He and his wife, Tracy are great friends of ours and Lawrence dedicated both of the boys for us, so I thought it would be special if he would do Rachael's, as well. A great big thank you goes out to our Destiny family. We love and miss each of you. The friendships we cultivated while we were in Oklahoma will last a lifetime.

Our prayer has always been that we will seek God's guidance in the ways we instruct and love our children. God has given us the amazing opportunity to be earthly parents to these children. He has entrusted them to our care. Who they become is a direct reflection of the way they were raised. We desire them to be Godly men and women and ask God to direct us in every way of our life so that we might be the best examples/instructors possible. It is NOT an easy task, nor one to be taken lightly - there are eternal consequences.

My apologies for the quality of the photo, apparently I had the camera on the wrong setting for our friend.

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