Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day.

Happy Veteran's Day to all of you! We thank you immensly for what you have done and continue to do for this great country.

There's one veteran in particular who is really special to us! He is TSgt Michael Venning of the United States Air Force.
I am proud to call him my husband! And our children are proud to call him dad!

Somehow I don't have a current photo of Michael in uniform. The most recent one I could find was at his previous rank... The above photo was taken in Kuwait in 2005.

My personal thanks also go out to my grandfather, B.S. Thompson, who served during the Korean conflict,

My late grandfather, C.G. Scott who served during Vietnam.

My uncle, Master Chief Petty Officer (retired) John Schnoering.

Another special thanks goes out to the late grandfather of my most dear friend (Wanda), Harold Wainwright, who served in the 3rd Infantry Division and received a purple heart in 1943.

Please be sure to visit the Happy Housewife for many more thank you's and tributes.


Kate said...

Wow, your uncle looks a lot like Cuba Gooding Jr.! j/k ;-)

Special K said...

WOW! A family of brave American heroes! Thank you to each one! God bless!

Grandma Becky said...

Thank Michael for me for his service in the Air Force. I'm an Air Force veteran, as well as my husband. You probably saw my blog entry recently. It's honor to have served this nation, along with many other men and women, who gave alot of their lives. I have a few in my family as well. I'll mention them another time. God bless and have a great weekend. :0)