Thursday, January 8, 2009

What to do with all my freebies/samples

I am an avid sample-requester and also play the drugstore game to "buy" things for free (though not wholeheartedly). So, I have tons of free sample packs and travel size toiletry items hanging around.

Every couple of months I usually bag up all the extras and drop them in the food pantry cart at church, but I've known for a couple of months that we were probably going to be taking a vacation to Florida to visit my family early in the year. Then, we decided to hold off on the trip until summer because of some TDY's Michael has coming up. THEN Michael found an insanely cheap round-trip fare from Denver to Pensacola (about 2.5 hrs. from my hometown), so I am leaving on Saturday night and taking ALL THREE KIDS with me (I am officially crazy!!). We will be gone for 2 weeks.

I went thru my bathroom drawer and rounded up all the free shampoos and conditioners I have and came up with enough for the whole trip!! I also have deoderant and pre-moistened face cloths. It's nice to be able to take those and not have to worry about packing my large bottles and then having to bring them back home.

What do you do with your samples and freebies?

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