Friday, August 15, 2008


I know I have been missing from the blogosphere lately and I'm going to tell you why.

I am totally and utterly overwhelmed with life at this point in time.

* Hubby has been taking two classes each week (thankfully they ended on Wednesday) leaving him home only long enough to change out of his uniform and grab a bite to eat and not returning home until after I'm asleep, typically. These 2 classes (since they are short terms 5 weeks) have required LOTS of homework consisting of reading, writing papers and participating in message boards online - leaving very little time for much else on the evenings he's actually at home.
* Jacob was sick last week, hubby has been VERY sick this week and Eli now has it, too!
* Hubby has also been playing softball one evening each week, which puts him away from home most of the evening and this won't be over for several more weeks. Even though I typically take the kids to the games, it requires much extra work on my part to make sure they are playing safely and don't run out in the road or onto the field.
* Hubby has also hit end of year crunch (end of fiscal year for the military) and has started getting overloaded at work and working extra to try to keep up.
* I am 34 weeks pregnant and my brain has turned to mush....

Needless to say, I am READY to have my husband back. I don't think we've had a meaningful conversation in WEEKS and most of our conversations are either by email or text..... UGH.

Since my brain has turned to mush and being overwhelmed leaves me not really wanting to do anything (and being this far along in pregnancy tends to make me feel lazy, too), I am so far behind on things around the house that it's truly sad. Here's what has happened:

* No homeschooling for several weeks
* I vacuumed yesterday for the first time in about 3 weeks
* I have been feeding my family much more processed food than I consider acceptable
* Jacob ran completely out of shorts to wear a few days ago because I was slacking on laundry. (needless to say, ALL laundry is caught up after that because it made me feel horrible to put him in a pair of shorts that didn't fit)
* My series on modesty is on the back burner because that requires A LOT of brain power and reasearch and the ability to put coherent thoughts together.
* My grass hasn't been cut in nearly 3 weeks (it's up to Eli's knees) because Michael was sick this week and I have been asked not to cut the grass at this late stage of pregnancy - oh, and it's raining today, so it won't happen today either.
* I have one diaper that still needs to be sewn and 3 that need snaps
* I got behind with my work and am just getting caught up this weekend.
* My kids attitudes are reflecting my current attitude and I don't like it at all.

Whew - I pray that God will give me strength to make it through the next few weeks until this baby arrives. I can make it on a little sleep deprivation much easier than I can on a non-functioning brain. I know God can and will sustain me (and the rest of our family) through this time and am fully relying on Him to direct me. I also pray that my children will come out of this mommy-slump unscathed and getting them back on track will not be as difficult as I'm imagining it will be.

Any prayers you might think to offer up on behalf of our family would be greatly appreciated.


kristy said...

Whew, you have had A LOT going on lately! I know you're overwhelmed, but try to hang in there...this too will pass (though at times it may not seem like it).
I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon and that the last few weeks of your pregnancy go smooth.
Can't wait to see pictures of that little girl :)

Erin said...

You poor dear. Just hang in there and get through this. Processed food isn't so bad, kids don't mind wearing dirty clothes and the lawn can wait, cant it? Just relax and keep yourself and your babies happy, thats what really matters in life anyway.