Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Spending a night away from my kids!!!

WOW! One of the few perks the military gives is to let you keep the points for flights and hotel stays when you're on TDY's/deployments, etc. Michael has earned a free night through one of his hotel programs and we are going to use it!! I'm so excited I had to tell you about it even though it's not happening until the 23rd of February!

Let me just give you a little background info. so you have an idea of how huge this is for me! I have spent a total of 12 nights away from Jacob - only 2 of those were voluntary. Here are the reasons: 2 nights when Eli was born and I was in the hospital in May, 2006; 2 nights when Eli was in the hospital with a virus in June, 2006; 6 nights when I was readmitted to the hospital for a blood clot in July, 2006; 2 nights when I was in Florida in August, 2006 and my mom kept him because I was exhausted with a newborn and Michael was TDY. Jacob is now four years old and I can remember every time I've been away from him...

I have been away from Eli overnight for a total of 6 nights. Those same 6 nights I spent in the hospital in July, 2006, when he was only 7 weeks old..... He is 20 months old and the only time I've been away was because I was in the hospital.

The reason isn't that don't like to leave them (because I will leave them with the right person - no problem), it's more like we've never had an opportunity to do something that would require spending the night away and be able to have a babysitter at the same time. We live zillions of miles away from family and paying a babysitter gets expensive.

I'm really excited about this because we have a really great babysitter, a $50 gift certificate to a great restaurant downtown (Mackenzie's), a get together with some friends afterward and we don't have to worry about going home afterward and getting in really late. We will go to our hotel room, sleep peacefully and get up and have breakfast and shower at a leisurely pace in the morning. And the only thing we're really paying for is the babysitter!!!!!


Thompson Family said...

Hey Laura,
Thanks for the great tip on the food processor. I have been looking into getting one. Any recommendations on a good brand? I looked at the Magic Bullet, but it is $99 and $50 for shipping! Yikes.
Wow, it looks like we have a lot in common. We live in Denver and it looks like you are somewhere in Denver.
I spent a semester in Australia when I was at Harding (where Kristy and I were in school together). I soent a few days in Melbourne and then took the overnight train to Adalaide. We mostly stayed in Brisbane--about 9 weeks, but we travelled all over Eastern and Central AUS. It was wonderful.
And I am leaving my baby for 4 nights at the end of the month. My husband and I are going to a conference and babies are not invited. He will be staying with my in-laws for those days. My MIL is over the moon with excitement. She already has the entire time booked the activities. I know he is in good hands.
Thanks again for the great tips! I'm trying my best to be a good mom. :)

meredith said...

dude, i so feel your excitement! congrats on the upcoming trip.