Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wild life

One of our favorite and least expensive family past times is exploring mountains, scenery and small towns (which usually means lots of day trips)! We like to pack up snacks and a picnic meal and head out for some exploration. Yesterday we decided to go on a road trip (a whole day trip, really). We drove all over the central region of Colorado. We explored Georgetown, Guanella Pass, Clear Lake and Buena Vista before coming back home on Hwy. 24 through some of the towns we've visited before.

We had a lot of fun and got some really great photos of beautiful Colorado!

The no-name tunnel on 1-70 west of Denver.

Clear Lake.

Clear Lake.

Guanella Pass was closed past Clear Lake so we had to turn around and head back down to get back to I-70 and these mountain goats stood in our way! It was quite a sight!

The Eisenhower tunnel on I-70.

It's always interesting to see the ski slopes in the off season!

Leadville, Colorado (tiny town USA)!

I believe these are part of the collegiate peaks.

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