Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garden time!

Here is a photo of what my garden looked like 2 days ago:

First row (starting in the back):
* 3 tomato plants
* 2 pumpkin (don't know what kind b/c Eli planted these in a cup at preschool and they actually came up so I transplanted them) - however one of them already has a bloom on it so I'm sure I'll find out soon!
Second row (starting in the back):
* 2 jalapenos
* 1 more tomato
* 1 strawberry plant that survived the winter and is thriving!
Third row (starting in the back):
* 5 potatoes, but only 2 of them have sprouted (can't really see them in this photo)
* 2 small rows of carrots
Last row:
* Peas (not doing very well - only a few of them have sprouted and they seem to be fizzling)
* Cilantro
* Lettuce
* 2 small rows of white onion

Outside the garden:
* 2 pots of peas (again not doing so well)
* small pot of cilantro
* small pot of chives that I think got drowned and never sprouted
* planter of lettuce (this is where the wind blew some of the seed from last years plants that I left in the ground too long, the seeds apparently made it thru the winter and then sprouted!) I had no idea the seeds had even gotten into this planter, just had some sprouts one day! BONUS.

I'm not sure how well the tomatoes will do because it snowed into mid-May and I couldn't put them out (started them inside) until just a few weeks ago. They are looking better, just not great. Maybe they just need some TLC.

What does your garden look like so far?

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