Monday, December 29, 2008

Recycling tip

Since my trash collection company started a new and much better recycling program a few months ago, I have been having the issue of making a zillion trips into the garage to dump items in the cart.

I originally had a plastic grocery bag hanging on the pantry door and would just place items in there until it was full and then I would take it out and dump it. However, this wasn't working extremely well because the pantry door is on a 90ยบ angle to the right of the garage door. This made the garage door collide with the plastic bag full of things each time it was opened, thus creating clanging and banging and just an annoyance.

I realized something had to be done and started scouring the house for an alternative and came across a plastic bag/bin thingy that I was using for as a temporary home for paperwork and other things that needed to find their way to their home upstairs in the filing cabinet.

This is what my trash area looks like now. The orange container is the recycling and I now only make 1 or 2 trips into the garage to dump it each day. It's working really well and even the boys are getting the hang of it and learning what can be recycled!
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mub said...

This is a good tip! I started putting my paper recycling into one of the IKEA Trones shoe cabinets and it works great too!

I'm jealous of your local recycling program! We have a paper wastebin and an everything else wastebin and if we want to recycle anything else we have to take it somewhere (which isn't always easy and convenient when your main mode of transport is a bike *L*).

The Happy Housewife said...

Great tip, I don't make a zillion trips because I make my kids do it! I like your idea though, much more efficient!

Sonshine said...

Your idea is more colorful! LOL

I just use a brown grocery sack to stick my recycles in and then my 5yo daughter has the responsibility of going to the garage with the bag and emptying it every day. :)