Monday, December 15, 2008

It was definitely not a relaxing weekend.

Eli has just about sent us all to the crazy-house this weekend.

Here's a short recap of his shenanigans:

* Saturday - he really, REALLY, really needed a nap (he still naps daily) and there was a birthday party to go to in the evening at Pump It Up. We wanted him to be well rested. HA! Big fat HA! He never went to sleep after spending 2 hours in his room, being disciplined countless times and I even (gasp) laid down with him for about 30 minutes. NOTHING. So, he was told he would be staying home with daddy and Jacob, Rachael and I would be going to the party. Then the crying commenced.

So, I came down and about 10 minutes later Michael went up to get him and he had pooped in his diaper and stuck his hand in it..... Then he proceeded to try to wipe it off - on his fan, on the gate, on the door, on his shirt - ICK! Michael brought him out and called for me to come help. We got the bulk of it cleaned off and then stuck him in the shower and he got a good scrubbing.

* Sunday - all was well with the world until just before dinner time. Eli was upstairs playing in his room. Rachael was napping. Jacob and Michael were watching something and I was getting dinner ready. Michael went upstairs to check on Eli because he thought he heard water running - (we keep all the other upstairs doors closed and they have those 'childproof'-lock-things on them). Turns out, Eli has figured out how to open the childproof door knobs.... The next thing I hear is Michael asking me if I smell toothpaste!

Eli had emptied the rest (about half) of their tube of toothpaste in various places around the bathroom and it looked liked he'd eaten quite a bit as well. However, he knew he had made a mess and had started trying to clean it up. He's genius! He got the hand towel down and couldn't really reach the sink knobs so he turned the bath water on and wet his towel and was trying to clean the floor with it (dripping wet). So, Michael disciplined him for messing with the toothpaste and got him all cleaned up while I finished dinner.

The bathroom door is now locked and closed (along with our bedroom door - where there is another bathroom)! It's pretty easy for an adult to unlock with the correct 'tool'. You need something flat like a screwdriver, coin, butter knife, etc. to turn the center of the outside of the doorknob. So, the only other door upstairs (besides the boys') that cannot be locked, is Rachael's.... This boy definitely keeps us on our toes - Jacob would never dream of doing anything so crazy - even when he was 2!

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Erin said...

Oh my!!

This reminds me of why we are waiting to have another one. Ahhhhhh!