Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thanksgiving is 2 days out and I haven't even decided what (or if) I'm going to prepare. It's just the five of us. No family close by. No visitors or friends coming over. A few times in the past we've been invited somewhere - not this year. All of our friends have family close by and are spending the holiday with them, I think. So, my dilemma is, since Jacob is going to be 5 in January, is it time to start our own family tradition for Thanksgiving?

I remember Thanksgivings growing up because my grandma (mom's mom) would always fix a huge feast and everyone that lived in town (many years this also included my dad's mom) would come over for lunch and then spend some time hanging out. Nothing spectacular or extravagant, but the food and fellowship was always wonderful.

I want this for my children, but in reality, Thanksgiving Day for us, isn't really much different than any other meal of the week. The food might be different, but that would probably be the extent of it. Last year we had pizza and watched football, sort of like any regular Saturday during football season, just on Thursday instead.

What would you do (or what do you do if you are in the same boat)? Any traditions you'd like to share?


Sara said...

We usually get together with friends. I do the inviting over usually, but this year hubby is working so I was adopted into another group of people. (Because I cook the stuff no one else wants to!)

We've made our own tradition though, of making pie dough with the kids, and turkey shaped cookies the night before, to let them "help" get dinner ready. We will always do a turkey dinner even if it's just us. It's like, the only day we MAKE turkey!!

Anonymous said...

I remember those Thanksgiving meals - no one will ever be able to replicate Grandma's famous chicken-n-dumplings. In fact, the only time I eat them is when we visit her. This Christmas will be the first time in 3 years!

We began our own holiday traditions before Kristin's folks moved to Springfield. We'd get up early and Kristin put a turkey in the oven. She loves to bake and we'll watch the parade. The first year we moved back we had become dirt poor after being fired in OKC. We had a little card table but it was kind of nice being just us. I think you should do it. Have fun and make memories.

Erin said...

When my husband and I lived on the other side of the country, away from family for a few years, we had our own little tradition of inviting a single friend or two over for a casual but traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I did easy substitutions like store bought pumpkin pie, instant stuffing, ect. It was really fun.

Also, one year a girlfriend and I (while our husbands were out to sea) went to a local church and help hand our Thanksgiving dinners to less fortunate families and individuals. It was a wonderful feeling just being there.

Many volunteers brought their families to help, although yours might be just a little to young, unless you had her in a sling...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Erin said...

Oh, and I meant to tell you that I haven't forgotten about you. I did make those soap bits and I LOVE them!!

What a great idea, usually I make a big mess creating a solution for my baby wipes. I will have them labeled and packaged up in just a couple days. I am hosting our family Thanksgiving here tomorrow and have been swamped cooking and preparing!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Starting your own tradition (even if that means pizza!) is a great idea! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!


Anonymous said...

we have my mom sister and dad living with us however we still do a thanksgiving dinner for our kids so that they know and understand its totaly a time to be thankful for where we are now and where we have been we often sit around the table while eating and talk about things in the past with the kids and our boys are 4 and 6 and they remember alot as well they LOVE it!!