Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My boys.....

Gotta love being outnumbered!

Michael built a tower with every single block we have and Eli was trying to "crash" it! Please, no comments on Eli's attire! He had just gotten up from his nap and Michael had put pj pants on him so he'd be more comfortable when napping (because he had jeans on).

Look how proud he is!!! He did this all by himself, are you impressed.... BOYS!

My little "crasher." He loves to crash things. He even runs and plops on things and yells "CRASH"! Too cute!

Just a little brotherly love!

This was his first "time out." He probably really doesn't understand why he got it (for hitting) but he did what he was told ("time out, go sit and hands on knees") even though he cried the entire time.

Just thought I'd share some of our life with you. Enjoy.

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kristy patterson said...

What cute pictures! I really love the one of the boys hugging. So cute!!! I can't believe how big they're getting!