Friday, February 12, 2010

Will you help me support my husband while he's in Iraq?

We all know that we can pray for our troops.  And many of you know that care packages can be sent, but let's face it, unless you have a loved one who is deployed or a school group putting together packages, most people don't send care packages.  They take time and effort and the majority of the time, people really don't realize just how much those care packages mean to our airmen/soldiers.  However, they mean A LOT.  Trust me.

But, did you know there's actually something tangible and easy you can do to help give our troops a morale boost and provide them with a small comfort from home?  Small comforts from home are the finer things that get these guys/gals through their time away.
Buy them coffee.  That's right, coffee (at a real coffee shop).  All you need to know is his/her first and last name, their email address and their pickup location/base name.

Here's how:
~ Go to the Green Beans Coffee site.
~ Choose your recipient's pick up location - if you're ordering for Michael, it's "Iraq - South Victory"
~ Choose your amount (the recipient automatically gets an additional 10% to what you purchase)
~ Consent to terms and click "order"
~ Fill in your information
~ Fill in the recipient information.  For Michael - Michael Venning, and Iraq - South Victory
~ Please write them a message.  It means SO much to them.  Even if you're only thanking them for their service, they appreciate it.
~ Fill in your payment information and submit your order.

The recipient will then get an email notifying them they have a gift card available at the coffee shop you chose as the pickup location.

That's it!  Easy, right?  Now, GO show your support.  I know first hand that Michael would appreciate it!

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Amy @ Finer Things said...

I had no idea that opportunity even existed! Fabulous. :)

Hayli @ Superior Nut said...

This is terrific! I know so many military people who could benefit from this and they so deserve it. Thanks for the info. :)