Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Caught in Mommy's makeup!

I sent Eli upstairs with a hand towel to hang in my bathroom... he was taking much longer than I thought he should have, so when I found him, this is what he looked like:

Someone's been in Mommy's mascara!

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Pat said...

LOL....maybe a future on stage?

Sherry Marie said...

I remember catching my kids in my make up when they were little! So fun - value this time, they grow up way too fast.

Random Thoughts & Adventures & A Few Tales To Boot

Serendipity said...

I remember doing something like that as a child :) Great WW shot!

shannanb aka mommy bits said...

Oh my goodness, glad he was OK. My youngest son loves my shoes. he's always stealing them.

happy WW