Thursday, December 6, 2007

The best husband on the planet!

Yesterday was my birthday and I was absolutely NOT expecting any sort of gift, a card maybe, but definitely no gift since we are going to Australia in just over two weeks to visit his family and there is no $$$ (or so I thought!!). We already have plans for a babysitter and a dinner "date" this Saturday evening, so I really hadn't thought anymore about a "gift" and he had already called me from work to wish me happy birthday. I really thought that was the end of it, really.

When Michael got home from work, he went upstairs to change out of his uniform, as usual. Only, he came right back down with an envelope instead. He had had Jacob write "Mommy" on the front and I just thought it was a card.... boy was I wrong on that one. It was a gift certificate to the Springs Spa & Salon for a sweedish massage, spa facial, manicure and pedicure!!! My first thought was "wow, he spent money on me...." Lame, I know, but really we just charged $6,000 for our Australia trip. My second reaction was to cry, I got all sappy and cried because it was just sooooo amazing of him to do this for me. His reason was enough to make me cry all over again "You work so much being home with the kids, probably more than you ever have before and I thought you really deserved this for YOU."

So, I officially nominate my husband for the most amazing and unexpected gift ever!!


meredith said...

hope your day was great! happy birthday:)

kristy patterson said...

Wow, that is AMAZING!!! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time at the spa. You deserve it! (P.S. Happy late birthday! Hope your day was great!)