Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pantry Challenge - part 2

Today I'm sharing my pantry contents...  Does anyone else find it weird to show the whole world what's inside your fridge/freezer and pantry?  Or is that just me?

Moving right along then - here is yesterday's post of what I found in my freezers and fridges (it's A LOT more than I thought I had).

Top 3 shelves (that second shelf is baking supplies -and a jumbo container of taco seasoning- only)

Bottom shelf and floor.

Here's what I found in the pantry (tally marks indicate 1 meal of each item, unless otherwise noted):
Tuna - I
Canned chicken - I  I
Salmon - I
Rotel - I  I  I
Green beans - I  I
Peas - I
Tomato paste - I  I
Tomato sauce - I
Home canned spag. sauce - 1½ pints
Dehydrated tomatoes - 1 bag
Black olives - I  I
Home canned jalapenos - ½ pint
Home canned apple butter - ½ pint
Pizza sauce - I  I  I  I
Peanut butter - 4 jars
Apple sauce - ½ gallon
Pumpkin pancake mix - I  I  I
Italian dressing (marinade) - I
Baking supplies - PLENTY (including about 12lb of flour and ½ giant bag of chocolate chips in garage fridge)
Pasta - I  I
Corn chips - 1 bag = I  I  I

Other random items include - snacks left over from Christmas sacks, tea, popcorn, cereal, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar.

I have WAY more food than I ever dreamed I had in my house.  I managed to make an entire month's menu plan and only added a few items to my list that I'll need to buy during the second half of the month.  I picked up a few things today and I shouldn't need to purchase anything for at least 2 weeks.

On Monday I'll share my menu plan for the entire month of January and my budget for the month (including what I spent today).

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